April 27, 2018
Jessica K
The tagging system and the whole consigner process is easy and I like that I can earn more by volunteering.
April 26, 2018
Leah B
"Fast check in process, easy to make tags"
April 26, 2018
Mary K
It’s very easy to tag all year long and the items are high quality.
April 26, 2018
Louise C
The event is always well organized and improvements are made each year to keep things running smoothly.
April 26, 2018
Zakiya C
Love the easy system and flexibility of the way the process works.
April 26, 2018
Beth T
clean and organized
April 20, 2018
Sarah K
"Friendly people, easy to navigate website, great opportunity to earn money on outgrown clothes. "
April 19, 2018
Tina O
Well organized and professional
April 19, 2018
Jennifer S
"Always very well organized. Excellent variety of items. Terry is amazing! She runs the sale so well. Buy more accessory clips! There are never enough hangers for all those socks and hats :)"
April 19, 2018
Whitney D
"Its quick, easy and fun!"
April 19, 2018
Lori P
I Like selling my things without having to be there all day. It's a lot of work getting it ready but definitely worth it! Also very pleased how organized it is. Love it!
April 19, 2018
Amy G
easy to do. great way to get rid of kiddos stuff. kind staff and volunteers!
April 19, 2018
Carol B
"I will say it time and time again......Teri Anderson is a great Just Between Friends Owner who runs the smoothest sale that I ever have attended. She is a Pro at her job, an very, very compassionate with her consignors and everyone involved with her sale. She puts her heart and soul into her sale and everyone involved in it. Watching the sale go up from a empty building to an all out sale in such a timely manner is just amazing to me. I respect this woman so much and appreciate her for having such a wonderful sale and providing me an opportunity to make the money that I do to support my 13 year old granddaughter. Truly an amazing person, and a amazing friend! "
April 19, 2018
Kimberley T
Prices and variety. Great staff!!
April 19, 2018
Melanie J
Well thought out plan
April 19, 2018
Sarah B
Just drop and go! Make good money.
April 19, 2018
Katie K
The quality of the items and the organization of the sale makes it really easy and fun to shop!
April 19, 2018
Darci M
Earning extra money and shopping for very reasonably priced items.
April 19, 2018
Karalyn P
It is always a pleasure to work with Terry! She always has everything so very well organized. She is a joy to work with!
April 19, 2018
Deb R
Gently used items sell for more than what I would be able to get at a garage sale. I think people are willing to pay for used items that are in great shape! Thanks to the entire JBF team!
April 19, 2018
Shannon S
"The sale is very organized and easy as a shopper, consignor, and seller. The online system is extremely friendly to complete, andc it is so fun to watch the sales come in."
April 19, 2018
Darlene W
"clean location, lots of space to display merchandise on tables and racks, and organized check in and out"
March 30, 2018
Ingrid B
"It's so easy to get good quality, well priced clothes. I only need to go shopping for my child once or twice a year! The sale is also very well organized."
March 29, 2018
Mai Y
Quality items decently priced. All in one place. Huge selection is incredible.
March 29, 2018
Jessica S
"Awesome deals, non-stressful shopping, organized well, really friendly people!"
March 29, 2018
Gena C
"Saves money, helps the environment, items get donated to a good cause"
March 28, 2018
Staci H
"I enjoy volunteering my time at Just Between Friends to show my appreciation to Teri for supporting such wonderful charities. It’s a fun event to be a part of, and Teri’s just plain awesome!"
March 28, 2018
Louise H
So much to offer in one shopping place with great prices.
March 28, 2018
Ronnie D
It's HUGE and very organized.
October 07, 2017
Kathy C
Amazing prices. HUGE selection of things all in one place. Items always in good condition. I can afford to buy fun things I normally couldn't justify spending money on. Great EASY way to get rid of everything kids have outgrown AND get as nice amount of money back in the process!
September 30, 2017
Louise C
The are well organized. I like the feeling that while I am getting a good deal another family is getting paid for their gently used kids clothes. We are helping each other out.
September 29, 2017
Maighread P
Good size sale and everyone was very friendly.
September 28, 2017
Julie B
It's easy and well organized
September 28, 2017
Dianna S
"1) Organized with drop off 2) It is nice to be able to see online each night what items have sold 3) Volunteered for the first time and every one was friendly"
September 23, 2017
Shannon S
"I love finding an entire wardrobe for a fraction of the price. You never know what to expect to find here, and every sale is different"
September 22, 2017
Chris B
Easy to make tags on my phone. Easy check in. Every thing was sorted for easy shopping.
September 21, 2017
Rebecca N
I enjoy volunteering and consigning
September 21, 2017
Beth T
very well organized
September 21, 2017
Carrie S
"I love the people and the deals! Plus, the money I can make on my kids' clothing, books, and toys helps keep my family afloat. Also important to me is the environmental aspect of passing on perfectly good items so they don't go into a landfill."
September 21, 2017
Lisa D
September 21, 2017
Cristal G
I love that I can consign my gently used clothing as well as shopping the JBF sale.
September 21, 2017
Stacey F
Everyone is always so pleasant to work with!
September 21, 2017
Kelly L
Seeing which of my items goes to a new family!
September 21, 2017
Renee R
"So easy to consign, sell , buy and pick up a check"


Teri Anderson

Phone: 608.574.7078

Is your target market moms and dads with young children? Email me for more information!

Teri? Who's Teri?!

I'm your sales event coordinator helping provide families a place to stretch the family budget.  I'll help you find a new home for your gently-used children's items and provide other families the chance to buy your items at great prices at the sales event!

It's all about families helping families!  So let the JBF family help your family, too!